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smithi vs chitzen

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smithi vs chitzen

Post  Guest on Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:07 am

kl. i try and dodge chitzans ki blasts but i am hit in the arm by one of them and only manage to fire a couple of blasts myself
cmaster2melt 11:17 am
(11:17:14): Chitzen,not expecting you to dodge any of them,is taken off guard and hit by the ki blast ,and goes skidding backwards,he catches himself and stands in a defensive stance waiting for you.
smithiisthebest 11:19 am
(11:19:01): i lear at him and start to charge my kamehameha. i then using what korin tought me appear behind chitzen and fire at his back
cmaster2melt 11:20 am
(11:20:59): Chitzen is hit hard by the blast and is sent to his knees,but while on his knee,he quickly throws a destructo disk at you leg. "die dirty saiyan" he yells
smithiisthebest 11:22 am
(11:22:07): i scream but jump up, however my tail is choped off and falls with a crash to the floor. ahhhhhhh, i cream again and fire a kamehameha at him
(11:22:19): scream again*
cmaster2melt 11:23 am
(11:23:53): Chitzen,who is still on his knees,rolls out of the way of the blast and sends another ,slightly bigger destructo disk at you "I said die!!!!!" He. yells again
smithiisthebest 11:25 am
(11:25:51): ahhhh, i start getting angry and frustrated. you come to my planet, hurt inocents chop of my tail and attack my friends....how dare you, my hair turns light blonde and is almost stuck up as i aim a couple of punches at him. i feel power but not complete power as my hair returns to its normal brown coulour.
smithiisthebest 11:26 am
(11:26:31): i am hit in the arm by his destructo disk and it slices my flesh bet does not do anything major
cmaster2melt 11:28 am
(11:28:47): Chitzen dodges all your punches by side stepping all of them then aims a kick at your stomach. "this isn't your planet! you're a saiyan,saiyans are from vegeta?! why do protect these low lifes?!"
smithiisthebest 11:31 am
(11:31:29): i protect them because i choose what is right and what is wrong. killing is wrong and what LOW LIFE. how dare you call these people low LIFE. i am half HUMAN and EVERYONE deserves life even you. my hair shoots up for another second as i unleash a kamhemeha at my opponent
cmaster2melt 11:33 am
(11:33:49): Chitzen,quickly jumps out of the way "you can have power! you can have glory! join me!...or die!" Chitzen rushes toward you with swift kick aimed at your ribs
smithiisthebest 11:36 am
(11:36:14): i put my hand out and grab his foot, u can never harm the people i care about, as my fist closes around his foot my pl shoots up and my hair turns buetiful and sparkly golden coulour. my aura exlodes into gloden flames of sernity. so powerfull but peacefull also. i then charge power into his leg hoping to blow it up with ki
cmaster2melt 11:39 am
(11:45:05): [Offline IM sent 6m ago] Chitzen's leg explodes and blood rushes everywhere. "ooow ow ow ow....hahahahaha...did you forget I was a namekian?" Chitzen's leg regrown back to where it was. Chitzen's eyes then start to turn green and he starts growing a tremendous size. "I warned you" Chitzen says in a deeper voice,as he tries to stomp on you,because he's clearly bigger than you now
(11:46:42): did you get my last message? if so just send in your reply whenever
smithiisthebest 11:46 am
(11:46:49): i shout biger is not always better. i fire my kamehameha wave at his foot
cmaster2melt 11:48 am
(11:48:24): The kamehameha wave doesn't seem to hurt him,he then grabs you in his. and picks you up and starts squeezing you
smithiisthebest 11:58 am
(11:58:09): i scream as i let out waves of energy as my hair turns completly goldedn,my eys a light grey and aura becomes golden as i throw massive amoutnts of energy at his hands. I AM SMITHI THE SSJ. i scream as i unleahs the energy
cmaster2melt 12:00 pm
(12:00:59): (I increased your pl,look on the forum). chitzen. throws you to the ground hard and then yells "you aren't worth my time anymore" Chitzen then flies away,somewhere south. (you can chase him,or post this fight now and collect your gains,because right now you have two broken ribs)


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