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smithi,cmaster and larky

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smithi,cmaster and larky

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:08 am

Cmaster fires a ki beam to nullify smithi's kamahame wave,then dodges every hit front his wolf fang fist "are you aware of how strongi am compared to you?...you should just quit"
smithiisthebest 10:50 am
(10:50:12): i know but saiyens never give up....even when the odds are against them.(trying to win travos heart with this). i then fire my kamehameha
cmaster2melt 10:52 am
(10:52:15): Cmaster,then uses after image to appear behind smithi. "hahahhahahahaha you haveno chance....wait do you feel that?k
smithiisthebest 10:52 am
(10:52:40): what i say....as i try to sense it
smithiisthebest 10:55 am
(10:55:41): (is this a trick)
cmaster2melt 10:57 am
(10:57:14): Then at that moment,larky instant transmissions into the chamber. "you thought you could escape me smith?....hey its another devil!" Cmaster stares at the namekian "another devil....do you know where the other is?" Larky laughs at Cmaster "yeah,ill lead you to him after we kill smithi". Cmaster smiles "ok". Larky then rushes toward you with a flying kick
smithiisthebest 10:57 am
(10:57:55): damm. i dodge to the side and grab and throw him at cmaster]
cmaster2melt 11:01 am
(11:01:01): unable to dodge,Smithi is hit with the kick and is sent flying across the room. "haha,its too easy" Larky says laughing,then turning around to face cmaster,but insted in met with cmaster's fist through his stomach. With Larky's eyes bulging in. pain,Cmaster drops him to the ground and steps on Larky's head and crushes his skull.
smithiisthebest 11:02 am
(11:02:31): smithi lays on the floor in pain but forces himself up to his feet and says wha....so powefull....ahhhh. well i survived till know can i get gains
cmaster2melt 11:04 am
(11:04:22): you could...but the fights not over. Cmaster then walks toward you"your turn now...."
smithiisthebest 11:05 am
(11:05:08): i sigh and force ki to all the parts of my body....wolf and monkey mix as i strike with reapeted agresion and melee blows.
cmaster2melt 11:07 am
(11:07:02): Cmaster dodges without effort. "some saiyan you are...you're not even. a challenge....I'm leaving" Cmaster then starts to walk out of the chamber. (you can post this in the saga section now)


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