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How to roleplay

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How to roleplay

Post  Xersos on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:37 am

1. Godmodding
Godmodding is a serious problem when it comes to roleplaying and is looked down upon in the roleplaying society. I assume the more experianced roleplayers may know all of this but if your new to Roleplaying take the time to read this because it can be useful when your Roleplaying skills. Godmodding is a form of rolplaying when your charcter cannot die or is unbeatable. For example, if it hit Cmaster with a spirit bomb and he somehow manages to surive it. That would be godmodding which is taking damage without being affected or dodgeing a hit completly. Be carefull when to dodge and when to take a hit because it can make you look bad and give you a bad reputation. This is another bad example called "auto hitting". Example: Xersos landed a bone shattering punch on Cmaster neck. Now lets fix that shall we? Xersos threw a fury of punches at cmaster aiming for his face.. now THATS tons better notice how I never said it lands a hit on Cmaster it just says aims toward him and threw punches. cmaster could dodge everyone but would make him look like a godmodder and you look like a better RPer.

2. Death, Sparring and Killing
Lets say me and Cmaster spar toghter and were both Z fighters. He decides to go super sayian 4 and uses the spirit bomb on me. Now why the hell would he do that? It makes no sense to kill a ally during a spar or even use that much energy during a spar. Now it would be diffrent if it were a battle agianst Frieza and death would be allowed. Please rember that RPing a life as a villian would mean constant death macthes and risks of your character's life at constant stake. Also, while we are still on the subject the Dragon Balls have the power to bring people back to life. So why worry about dying?

3.One liners and how to Roleplay like a PRO!
Usually, this isn't considered roleplay "Xersos throws alot of ki blasts at Cmaster" lets fix that and add more detail shall we? Xersos concentrated his ki into the palms of his hands. Vengence and hatred filling his eyes he released a barrage of blasts form his hands."Haahhh" he roared as he sent a fury of energy blasts from his hands. now THATS good roleplay! You see how a few details can change a whole semtence into an powerful roleplay post. okay then now heres the rolelay minuim guys. 2 lines. Just TRY to go over two lines the more the better but dont write a novel for every post the average expert Roleplayer has about 5-6 lines of well written, powerful, detailed, roleplay sentences.

Don't join a site and leave thats disrespectful to the admins and to other members. The bare minium I ask of you is at least once every three days. I can understand not being on EVERYDAY because i have parents who are strict about my own computer access. I usually sneak on or do something to let them let me go on the computer. If you have a vacation or holiday please feel free to leave a goodbye mesage on the leaving section or PM a admin if you want to be descrit about it.

5. Grammer

Now, we won't look at EVERY detail you do and point out every tiny typo and spelling mistake you do. But it is important that your grammer and spelling is enough to read. It may pay off, the better The admins can read and understand the roleplay the better the awards will be. So taking a moment or two re-reading and reviewing your own roleplay could really pay off.

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